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right now, police in prince george's county investigating what they're calling a death near the university of maryland miemt it happened in the 8700 block and 36th avenue. news 4's megan mcgrath is live with more in college park. megan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. not a lot of information being released at this point. what we can tell you is at about 1:15 this morning, the university of maryland put out a safety alert about a shooting in the 8700 block of 36th avenue near the intersection with metser aught road. prince george's county police are on the scene. all they will say at this point is that they are investigating a death in this block. they have us kept quite a distance, actually, from the scene itself. no other information being released as of yet. a public information fehr is coming to the scene. we're hoping to learn more soon. all we can tell you is there's some sort of a delt
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investigation in a residential neighborhood. near the university of maryland campus. not sure about the details of exactly what happened here. now, earlier there was an alert that went out for suspects in a tan van. we're being told that that is not accurate. there was confusion with information. that they are not looking for a tan honda odyssey any longer. but, again, awaiting more information. awaiting that briefing and of course, we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. megan mcgrath, news 4. aaron, eun, back to you. we'll wait for those answers. thank you. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. meteorologist tom kierein here now with your forecast. tom? >> good morning. overnight the winds shifted to the northwest. the sky has mostly cleared out now. we have some mild temperatures for this time of the morning for a february morning, we'll take it. right now down into the mid-40s in prince george's county. much of montgomery county, arlington, fairfax, also the mid-40s. in the district of columbia, we're in the mid and upper 40s. rest of the region, shenandoah valley from win chest hadder,
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into the panhandle of west virginia, charles town, martinsburg to hagerstown, in the low 40s there. eastern shore, low to mid-40s. here's how the morning is shaping up. that blustery wind gusting around 20 to 25 miles per hour still with us. 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 this morning. still blustery for the noon hour as well. temperatures by then in the upper 40s. we'll have lots of sunshine. a sunrise this morning, getting earlier and earlier at 7:03. as we look at this hometown forecast, bristow in prince william county, lots of sunshine into the low 50s there. a look at the entire region into tonight in ten minute. now, let's look at traffic. danella is here with first 4 traffic. >> good morning. still tracking an accident in columbia, maryland. if you're traveling 29 northbound, columbia pike at 32 x you can see right side of the roadway blocked. if you're traveling westbound 32, taking the ramp to get to 29 northbound, you'll have to merge all the way over to your left.
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you see the flares are up. you have to take the single-file left lane to get past the accident here. reportedly, it is involving an overturned vehicle. so far, delays, not seeing any because it is still pretty early. you can work easily past the accident. but you have to slow down. eun. danella, thanks so much. 5:03. angie goff has breaking news out of north korea. angie. >> president obama reacts this morning after north korea conducts a nuclear test. the underground test was confirmed after the u.s. geological survey detected the 4.9 magnitude blast. pong yong saying they did it to cope with outrageous hostility that undermines their country. a wave of reaction from world leaders since followed. president obama released a statement calling the test a highly provocative act. he adds, north korea's missile programs are a threat to the world and the latest test warrants swift action by the international community. happening right now, u.n.
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secretary general ban ki-moon who condemns the test is organizing an emergency meeting to start at 9:00 a.m. our time. meanwhile, south korea has come out to say the north won't be able to avoid grave responsibility and china also expressing firm opposition to the nuclear tests this morning. now, this is north korea's third nuclear test since 2006 and the first since kim jong-un took power. while the explosion was bigger than in the past, the country is still far from having a nuclear armed missile that could threaten the u.s. at the live desk, angie goff. president obama will lay the groundwork for his second term in office. he'll deliver his fourth state of the union address. we're still awaiting word on what he will speak about. he'll renew his call for passing a short term budget agreement in the coming weeks. that would avoid billions of dollars in spending cuts set to happen automatically on march 1st. it may be the president speaking
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but much of the attention will be on the invited guests in attendance. here are some of the faces. rocker and gun rights activist, ted nugent. gabrielle giffords will be a guest of congressman ron barber. he replaced her in the house. staff sergeant clinton romesha will be a guest of the president as well. he received the congressional medal of honor yesterday. you can watch the speech tonight on nbc4. our coverage begins at 8:45. we'll have reaction afterwards on news 4 at 11:00. today a senate judiciary subcommittee will hear testimony on gun violence in our country. he'll also look at the effectiveness and constitutionality of current and proposed gun laws. two harvard law school professors will testify at the hearing. the family of hadiya pendleton will also be at the hearing for heading to the state of union. a court hearing that involves two of the victims of the
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virginia tech shooting. they're arguing that the appeal should be heard. this stems from a lawsuit the victims' families won against the state. they say their daughters could have survived the 2007 shooting spree if virginia tech alerted the campus earlier about the gunman. a judge later upheld the finding but reduced the damages. a united nations agency proposing stricter safety guidelines on the batteries. that proposal would eliminate exemptions allowing large lithium-ion batteries to be shipped on passenger planes. the batteries are susceptible to short circuiting and catching fire. boeing recently tested new batteries in the 787 dreamliners after a series of battery-related problems last month, including at least two fires. we continue to track breaking news out of prince
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yor george's county where a death investigation is under way. a city worker's vacation is making life a little tough for people on long island following last week's blizzard. >> more winter weather in our
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astronomers say they need your help naming the two tiniest moons. three of pluto's moons have names associated with greek mythology, hades and the underworld. they want the next two moons to follow the same dark theme. they're now called p 4 and p 5. we put a link to it on the facebook page. you want to take a stab at the dark. >> i like that one. pluto rock. it's a pluto rock. >> they want a dark name. interesting. we're going to get interesting comments, i'm sure. coming up on 11 minutes after 5:00. want to take a look at the forecast. here's storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> how about calling them aaron and eun. >> i think that's a great idea. >> sure. starting off this morning, temperatures into the 40s all around the metro area. in the district of columbia,
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we're in the upper 40s. elsewhere, hoe to mid-40s. we'll have temperatures warming into the 50s by mid-afternoon. lofts sunshine. winds will be gusting to 20 to 25 miles per hour. the latest on that and your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. now a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. taking metro, marc, vre, on or close to schedule. checking on the earlier accident in columbia involving an overturned vehicle. if you're traveling 29 northbound at 32, stick to the left lane to get by the accident. westbound 32, you have to merge all the way to your left to continue northbound on 29. traveling i-66, your commute coming up in ten minutes. aaron and eun. thanks, danella. still waiting for the plows. why crews have been so slow to respond in one community after the massive northeast blizzard. time to celebrate. we're going to live to new orleans to show you what could dampen
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christopher dorner may have crossed the border into mexico as police search for him. authorities are searching more than 30 square miles across the big bear area that includes a popular ski resort. dorner's burned-out truck was found in that air kra last week with weapons and camping gear inside. he was fired a few years ago from the lapd and it's believed his attacks are part of a revenge plot. >> to be targeted because you took an oath to o protect others, to have your family targeted because they're related to you, that is absolutely terrifying. >> and at this point, authorities have increased security along the u.s./mexico border and warned airport security to be on the lookout
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for dorner. two men are in jail accused of kill a 15-year-old who recently performed during inauguration festivities in washington. chicago police say hadiya pendleton was not the intended victim in the shooting last month. an 18-year-old and 20-year-old are now facing murder charges for killing her at a park not far from the president's chicago home. police say the men mistook hadiya and her friends for rival gang members. her parents are expected to sit with first lady michelle obama at tonight's state of the union. a developing story in the gulf of mexico right now. tugboats are towing the carnival cruise ship triumph. the ship drifted so far north, it decided to tow the ship to alabama instead of a port in mexico o. a an engine fire knocked out the propulsion system. the ship is on generator power. more than 4,000 passengers are aboard with very few working bathrooms. the ship should arrive in mobile
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thursday. as soon as pope benedict xvi steps down. they'll begin what' call a conclave. they will vote on a new pope. it takes a two-thirds majority to become pope. he won't vote for his successor. he will step down february 28th. he will see eventually move into a monastery in the vatican dedicating his time to prayer and reflection. the pope's announcement shocked the world. now many people are betting on who will become the next pope. the irish gambling house patty power predicts it will be the biggest nonsporting event bet in history. they expect the bets will surpass the $1.3 million they took in, in the last papal election. cardinal peter turkson from ghana could be the first black pope. cardinal mark ouellet out of canada.
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cardinal francis arinze of nigeria has odds of 9 to 2. 17 after the hour. you've seen the weather warnings scrolling on the bottom of the screen warning about rain or snow or flooding. not dead bodies rising from their graves. that is what folks in great falls montana saw yesterday. hackers broke into the emergency alert system of a station there and broadcast a warning about a zombie apocalypse with zombies attacking the living. at least four called to see if it was true. we're assured there is no zombie apocalypse. >> that's a good thing. folks are struggling to dig out of their homes after the weekend's blizzard and it's causing new problems. officials are warning that some roofs could collapse from the weight of the snow and ice. at least 16 roofs caved in already. in long land, one of the biggest
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malls had to be evacuated. police are advising anyone with a flat roof to clear the snow to ensure that they don't spring a leak. in new york, some residents still haven't seen a plow. people in the town of brook haven took to the streets with shovels and snow blowers to get themselves out. they called local officials, outraged about the lack of help. all the calls have fallen on brook haven's deputy supervisor. that's because nbc news has confirm the town supervisor is on vacation and the head of the highway department called out sick on monday. >> the national weather service is now saying a tornado that tore through mississippi had winds of 170 miles per hour. this is some amateur video showing the moments the tornado hit hattiesburg in the southeastern part of the state. more than 80 people were hurt, two of them critically. no one died, though. mississippi's governor says a 30-minute warning gave people enough time to find shelters. three tornadoes are also suspected to have touched down in alabama.
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all right. lot of damage there. >> indeed. talking about a lot of weather in the country. we're expecting more winter weather headed our way. let's see what it's like today. >> calm. >> got a blustery wind now and the sky has cleared out. temperatures in the 40s now. as we go forward into the afternoon, we'll have lots of sunshine, temperatures reaching the low 50s by mid-afternoon. and then as we get into tonight, we'll have increasing clouds and after midnight, going all cloudy. during the morning hours, we'll start off on wednesday, we'll have a lot of cloudiness coming in. this had is in advance of a weak area of low pressure that's going to be moving in tomorrow. here's the timing on precipitation. the areas in green, these are zones of likely rain moving in south to north into the metro area. this is as of 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. but off to our west, out in the mountains here of west virginia, western maryland, perhaps the west central shenandoah valley, it may be getting wet snow there.
5:21 am
here in washington, changing over to snow during the latter part of the afternoon. the early part of the evening. this is as of 8:00 wednesday night and we'll have this area in lavender. this is all a zone of potential snowfall. it's fast-moving. much of the road are temperatures, i think, are going to be above freezing. any snow that falls tomorrow likely will be melting on roads. maybe only an inch or two perhaps on grassy areas. main thing is it's moving quickly and will be exiting. this is midnight. it's going to be over with, so a fast moving system starting as rain changing over to snow and then get the sunshine back on thursday. here's how things are looking today. breezy, afternoon highs, low 50s with sunshine. tomorrow, that rain beginning late afternoon, changing to snow tomorrow night. 40s before the rain begins and then after the snow starts down to the 30s. the low 30s by dawn on thursday. partly cloudy thursday into the mid-40s. then on friday, into the low 50s with lots of sunshine and into the weekend, might get another
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area of snow moving in. does not look like a major storm. maybe moving in on saturday. sunday, sun back, 30s. milder on monday into the mid-40s. i'll be back in ten minutes with an update. danella with a look at your first 4 traffic on this tuesday morning. >> thank you, tom. traveling the beltway, the inner loop of the beltway at the dulles toll road. a report of a disabled vehicle. checking volume in that area, very light. possibly it is in your shoulder lane. let's head out to 66 and look live at sudley. eastbound and westbound, travel lanes are open, no accidents, not even seeing reports of construction. travel speed from the parkway to the beltway, drive time is 12 minutes. inside the beltway on 66 clear as well. columbia maryland, checking on the earlier accident northbound columbia pike. 29 at 32. you can see just the left lane gets by the accident here. if you're traveling westbound 32 and you're entering on to 29 headed northbound, you'll have to merge to your far left to
5:23 am
work around the accident. right now, delays are light because there's very light volume. no delays at all and the rails check out. eun, over to you. >> 5:22 now. word on how robert griffin iii plans to spend his 23rd birthday today. he has a hard off cena head of him as he works to recover from knee surgery. we. >> nomar: he's received at least one person from adidas. a company he's a spokesperson for sent him april box full of goodies. check out the nba standings. the wizards now have only the third worst record in the league. they won again last beating the bucs 102-90. the victory moved o them a half game ahead of orlando in the standings. before you get too excited, remember that they are still 15-35 on the season. georgetown hoya fans fired up. they beat marquette 63-55 last night. they're a half game behind
5:24 am
syracuse for first place in the big east. this was georgetown's sixth straight win. this came hours after they found out they had jumped up to o 15th in the latest poll. they hit the road to take on cincinnati friday night. in news 4 your health, the cost of surgery can vary greatly from hospital to hospital. researchers at the university of iowa compare the price of a hip replacement at different hospitals. only 16% of the hospitals surveyed provided an immediate price that included both a doctor's fee and the hospital fee. the final prices range between 11,000 and $125,000. first born children could be at greater risk of developing diabetes and high blood pressure later in life. a new study found that the oldest child has more difficulty absorbing sugar into the body and higher daytime blood pressure than those not born first much researchers believe the increased risk is caused by changes to the mother's uterus that increase the flow of nutrients to the fetus in
5:25 am
subsequent pregnancies. instead of a hot cup of coffee to start your morning, how about an ice cold can of mountain dew. pepsi set to introduce kick-start. a caffeinated juice drink. it has 5% juice and more caffeine than the regular mountain dew soda. the company hopes to provide an alternative for people who don't like coffee ar tea in the morning. it will come in fruit punch and orange citrus and hits shelves on february 25th. right now the party is going strong in the big easy on this final day of the mardi gras season. today is fat tuesday. while the revelers are in the streets, there may be an unwelcome guest in new orleans. nbc's jay gray is live from bourbon veet in the french quarter. i see you got your beads on this morning already. >> reporter: good morning, eun. take a look down bourbon street. french quarter packed right now. unbelievably. they can't even get the trash trucks or the street sweepers to clean up for fat tuesday.
5:26 am
mardi gras. celebrations still going on. people are starting awfully early. either way, it is packed here and it's -- it looks like it doesn't show any signs of breaking right now. not even with the forecast that is an unwelcome visitor. they've had rain throughout the two-plus week festival. it's canceled some of the parades. they again, are trying to get the street sweepers through. the festivals rolled last night, the parades. they expect on and off showers today. nothing severe, though. the restaurants and hotels say that they aren't seeing any real drop in crowds, which is great news for business. the vendors telling me that the only difference this year is they're selling almost as many ponchos as beads. that's the latest from a french quarter. eun, i toss it back to you. happy mardi gras. >> i don't think rain will dampen the spirits there. have fun. coming up on 5:27.
5:27 am
we're tracking a pair of breaking stories. what we're learning about a nuclear test in north korea and how it could change president obama's message tonight. breaking news near the university of maryland campus. you're looking live at the scene where a death investigation is pr way right now. a live report next. this developing storm over texas could impact your plans tomorrow. the changing forecast with weather and traffic on the 1s.
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just getting brand new information about a deadly shooting in college park near the university of maryland. police now calling it a murder-suicide. >> the shooting happened early this morning in the 8700 block of 36th avenue near an intersection of university boulevard. megan mcgrath is live near the scene with new information from police. megan? >> reporter: good morning. for hours police have only been characterizing this as a death investigation here on 36th avenue and college park. but a short time ago, we got an update from prince george's county police. they're saying it's a murder-suicide. this happened in the 8700 block of 36th avenue. about a block off of the intersection with mezzer aught road. they've kept us at a distance, still hours after it happened.
5:31 am
we first got word that something was going on in this area around 1:15 this morning with when the university of maryland put out a safety alert to students warning of a shooting off campus. police have been here ever since, not a lot of detail being released at this point in terms of who has died, who the shooter is. none of that information available right now. we're expecting a media briefing momentarily. this incident has turned out to be a murder-suicide according to prince george's county police. we're expecting to get information very soon. we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. reporting live in college park, megan mcgrath, news 4. eun, aaron, back to you. >> thank you. it's shaping up to be a pretty nice day. we're tracking a new potential problem. >> a newline of winter weather is headed our way. meteorologist tom kierein is here with more. >> good morning. by tomorrow afternoon, rain changing over to snow. between now and then, we're
5:32 am
going to have dry weather. right now, skies are mostly clear over the metro area. temperatures around moast of th rean in the mid-40s. low to mid-40s farther north and west. and throughout the day, we'll have lots of sunshine, a gusty wind. temperatures holding steady in the 40s through 10:00 and near 50 degrees by noontime. hometown forecast, temple hills in prince george's county, by mid-afternoon, temperatures there are going to be in the mid-50s. a nice warmup on the way. i'm back in ten minutes with another update. we'll take a look at the entire region and how the evening is going to shape up. danella with traffic now. >> good morning. volume pretty light in the area. up to the icc, clear no accidents, no construction. 295, i-95 in maryland, also clear. still checking on the earlier accident. this is 29 northbound at 32 on the right side of the roadway involving an overturned box
5:33 am
truck. we'll talk details in ten minutes. aaron, over to you. thank you, danella. more breaking news this morning. the white house says north korea's nuclear test over might is a "highly provocative act." tracie potts live on capitol hill with breaking news. >> this is the third test conducted by north korea and initial reports suggest it was bigger than the last two several years ago. although had morning, as we take a look at that announcement from north korea today. they say it was smaller, conducted safely. a clear warning to the united states. it was after a missile launch in december as well raising concerns about that nation. in a statement, president obama as you noted, calling it highly provocative, a threat to u.s. security. here's a quote from that statement. north korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles programs constitute a threat to u.s. national security and to international peace and secury and further, the united states
5:34 am
will also continue to take steps necessary to defend ourselves and our allies. the president saying this warrants further swift and credible action. now, remains to be seen how he may address that in the state of the union address tonight. but we do know that the u.n. security council has called an emergency meeting for this morning as reaction rolls in from across the world. the third nuclear test by north korea. aaron? tracie potts on capitol hill, thank you. much of the president's state of the union address will center around the domestic agenda. he'll focus on the economy and ongoing budget battle with republicans. he'll touch on over issues like immigration reform and gun violence. you may want to leave early this evening if you work near the capitol. police are closing several streets in the area starting at 7:00. they include constitution avenue between second street northeast and louisiana avenue northwest. pennsylvania avenue between first and third streets northwest and east capitol
5:35 am
street between second and first streets. independence avenue will also be closed between second street southeast and washington avenue southwest. you can watch the president's speed tonight here on nbc4. our coverage begins at 8:45 and we'll have reaction afterward on news 4 at 11:00. 5:35 right now. defense secretary leon panetta will bid farewell to his colleagues. he'll give a final address this morning. he has served since july 2011. before that, he was director of the cia. his possible replacement as defense secretary, former nebraska senator chuck hagel, could move one step closer to being confirmed today. the senate armed services committee plans to put hagel's nomination up for a vote. most people you meet know their credit score off the top of their heads. you may want to double-check it this week. the federal trade commission says as many as 40 million americans have errors on their credit reports. including the spelling of your name, your address, your birthday and in some cases even
5:36 am
your payment history. those mistakes can keep you from getting a loan qualifying for lower interest rates or cost you a job. if you find a mistake on your credit report. you're advised to contact the credit reporting agencies to have that immediately resolved. let's check in with angie goff on the live desk with breaking news. >> wrestling fans not happy with this one. the international olympic committee deciding today to remove the sport of wrestling from the 2020 olympics. this after the executive board held a meeting had morning. now, other sports being considered that survived the cut were badminton and table tennis. the last two removed were softball and baseball. they did not compete in the beijing olympics. wrestling being removed from the 2020 olympics. at the live desk, angie goff, news 4. we continue to track breaking news at the university of maryland campus. police are investigating a murder-suicide that has the community in lockdown at this
5:37 am
hour. >> also ahead, the daring heist ending with this man getting away with thousands of dollars in merchandise from an area target. en yoi the nice weather while you can. more winter weather is headed
5:38 am
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check out this shot. the final seconds of a colorado girls high school game. one player heaves the ball from the free-throw line. you see it right there. the ball traveled about 65 feet in the air. took a bounce. you saw it there. hit the backboard and goes right in. how about this. this amazing shot only counted for two points since the ball bounced within the three-point line. still pretty awesome. >> it is. too bad. they should have given her the three points, right? >> that's not how it works. >> the video is cool. she can show her friends for a long time. 5:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. tom kierein here with your forecast. tom? >> good morning. got a blustery wind gusting around 20, 25 miles per hour. temperatures in the low to mid-40s. later today into the low 50s by mid-afternoon. lots of sun. the winds diminish. by midnight, back down to the low 40s. an increasingly clout i sky. could get snow tomorrow.
5:41 am
we'll talk about that and the seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic. >> good morning. still checking on the earlier accident in maryland. overturned box truck as you travel columbia pike northbound. 29 northbound at 32. exiting from westbound 32, you're going to have to merge to your left lane to continue on to 29 northbound. chopper is en route. back in ten minutes with a live look. aaron and eun. thank you, danella. people in maryland, brace yourself. it could soon cost you more to heat your home. were your bill is going up. the new numbers raising concerns about attendance in public schools. what the son of a medal of honor recipient did at the white ho
5:42 am
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5:44 am
new had morning, police now confirming a pedestrian was killed in the aspen hill area
5:45 am
late last night. he's ai 59-year-old man. had happened just after 10:00 last night on georgia avenue at heathfield road. frank sed wick was crossing georgia avenue when he was hit by a nissan altima traveling south. he was later pronounced dead at the hospital. the circumstances surrounding this accident are still under investigation. today, lawmakers or lawyers rather for the families of two victims of the virginia tech massacre will be back in court. they'll be trying to convince a three-judge panel to allow the state supreme court to hear their appeal. the families won their lawsuit against the state after arguing that their daughters may still be alive if the university alerted the campus earlier about a gunman being on the loose. a judge later reduced the damages they were supposed to receive from the state. the man charged with killing eight people at his home in appomattox, virginia, could be in court the end of the week. the hearing is scheduled for friday in the case against christopher spite. prosecutors aren't saying what the hearing is about but they say he shot and killed his
5:46 am
sister and her family as well as four neighbors three years ago. he was supposed to stand trial last year. that was postponed because attorneys were still waiting for mental health evaluations. 15 before the hour. police looking for a man who sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl. this happened saturday morning in an alley near the 3200 block of wheeler road in southeast d.c. that's just a few blocks from the congress heights metro station. police say she was walking when a man with a gun forced her into an alley. police say the man sexually assaulted her and took off in a dark blue four-door car. if you have information, call d.c. police. in the day ahead, jury selection resumes in the trial of a man who killed a mother and daughter in prince yorjs county. prosecutors say jason scott killed delores and ebony dewitt more than three years. the bodies were found in the trurng of a car in largo. scott is serving 100 years in prison for burglaries, sex assault and other charges.
5:47 am
police need your help to find a suspect who stole $10,000 of items from a local target store. take a look. they say this man hid in the target store before it closed. he then grabbed several ipads and other items before leaving through an emergency exit. if you recognize this person or have information about the crime, please contact prince william county police. a maryland man is speaking out for the first time since his baby daughter was murdered by her own brother. news 4 spoke exclusively to the father who only wanted to be known as mr. sanchez. he says he was heading over to the mother's home last had week when police stopped him outside the apartment. her 14-year-old brother reportedly beat and suffocated her and is being charged as an adult. mr. sanchez is heartbroken over the girl's death and never seen the boy mistreat his sister. a girl is rewru nighted with her father in d.c. after a nationwide alert to find her. eric burts and his 6-year-old
5:48 am
daughter ariana spent time catching up in their home. ariana disappeared on january 31st and was missing for nearly a week. police believe the girl's mother took her to a grocery store visiting the district and took off. police found them in arkansas. >> i'm alive again, complete. she's been with me all of her life. six years. you know, being without her is devastating. >> her mother, ebony anderson, is still in police custody in arkansas. ariana was not injured. this morning we're getting our hands on an alarming report. >> a report about the turnover at d.c. public schools. the office of the state superintendent of education just released that report this morning. according to the study, more than 6,000 students left traditional and charter schools in the district during last school year. administrators don't know where those students went, though. they may have moved. they may have transferred to a private school.
5:49 am
they also may have dropped out. during that same time, more than 4500 students entered d.c. public schools. we don't know where they came from. as one researcher put it, it's like admissions are rolling. virginia's senate will discuss three bills aimed at making schools safer. a committee endorsed it yesterday. one calls for stricter punishment for straw man gun transactions. that's when a person buys a gun legallynd gives it to someone banned from buying a weapon. another bill would increase the pen aelt for going into a school while armed and intent on committing a felony. the third measure would provide civil immunity to anyone who reports a campus threat. a local catering company will not get a liquor license back following a shooting at a nightclub. the district's alcohol beverage control board decided roadside cafe needs to show improvement to get the license back. the company worked with sound stage where a shooting last month sent five people to the hospital. the washington post said the board determined the club was
5:50 am
using the catering company's liquor license to act like a bar without following certain rules. a close call for metrobus commuters last night. a large tree fell and landed on a full bus. that happened at 16th and spring road northwest. this massive tree came down on the bus there. nobody got hurt, fortunately. passengers were escorted off the bus and caught another bus to continue their trip. two events will be held in washington to commemorate the 204th birthday of abraham lincoln. the first event is a wreath laying ceremony at the ford's historical site this morning and at noonan annual ceremony at the lincoln memorial chamber that's taken place since 1922 when harding arranged the dedication ceremony. the son of medal of honor recipient clinton romesha showed off his personality ahead of the ceremony. >> the toddler seemed unaware he was in the white house. he explored the presidential
5:51 am
podium before he tried to take a seat, the seat reserved for his father. the president noticed that little guy right there, dressed up in his suit and tie on saying that collin is not as shy as his dad clint. the president also said collin raced around the oval office, sampled a number of apples in the oval office before he found just the right one and went on about his business in the people's house. >> this is the best chair. it gives me front and centerstage. >> makes perfect sense to sit there. >> how about the cute pocket square. he's cute. >> good looking kid. 5:51 is our time right now. not looking so bad at this hour. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here. >> you still need a winter coat. there's a bit of a blustery wind. last week i traveled to the springfield estates elementary school in fairfax county and talked to it a whole big room full of second graders. >> uh-oh. >> they were very well-behaved. >> got out of will alive? >> i did. everybody wanted a hug but it was a lot of fun.
5:52 am
i want to thank teacher caroline clayton in the back for the invitation to talk to second graders who already studied weather. we talked about all different kinds of weather at the ringfield estates elementary school in fairfax county. it was a lot of fun. i have another school visit today. around the region, temperatures in the 40s. most location there in springfield, it's generally the mid-40s. most of springfield and the rest of fairfax county and arlington. montgomery county, low to mid-40s. mid and upper 40s in prince george's county. much of the district of columbia now mid and upper 40s as well. as we go forward, the rest of the day, plenty of sunshine and the winds still blustery. we'll settle down tonight. clouds will increase and tomorrow morning we'll be starting off with a cloudy sky and then by the afternoon, this is as of about 3:00 in the afternoon. all this area in green, this is a zone of potential rain. the area if lavender, this is some wet snow moving in from the west. colder air gets drawn inment weak area of low pressure
5:53 am
passing to our east. changing the rain over to snow. much of northern virginia, maryland and the district. only for a brief time. maybe two or three hours. some of the wet snow. most of it melting on roadways. this is as of midnight wednesday night. it's all going to be gone and leaving in its wake maybe a couple of inches at the most. again, mostly melting on roadways and only accumulations on grassy areas. for the rest of the morning, we'll have it in the 40s with the blustery wind. the upper 40s by noontime. mid-afternoon, ought to hit the 40s. we'll have the rain change to snow tomorrow. the sun is back. highs on thursday. friday the low 50s. over the weekend, might get more snow. not a major system but enough for accumulation on saturday. sunday, sun back. cold only in the 30s. milder on monday. highs into the mid-40s. i'm back with a hometown forecast that's in ten minutes. now a look at first 4 traffic on this tuesday morning.
5:54 am
there's danella. a chopper over an accident scene. this is northbound columbia pike at 32. a closer look, you can see accident involving a box truck overturned on its side. just the left lane will get you by the accident. crews still working to get the truck turned back over. as you make your commute this morning, in columbia, 29 northbound at 32. that exit ramp is blocked by the box truck here. back over to you, aaron. thank you, danella. another crucial day for governor mcdonnell's transportation plan. a senate committee will introduce his -- it includes scrapping the gas tax and raising the sales tax. he touted his plan yesterday in northern virginia. he said money that it would generate would help fund construction of metro's silver line keeping tolls on dulles toll road this check. they're willing to cooperate with the governor as well. >> i think we can work to get a
5:55 am
transportation program. the work with the speaker. >> there definitely are some behind the scenes and in front of the scenes positive discussions taking place. and i think that's a very good sign. >> the full senate could vote on the transportation plan as early as tomorrow. natural gas could soon cost a little bit more in maryland. the general assembly of the state will vote on a price hike to help pay for improvements to older pipelines. it's expected to be $2 per household increase. it will allow companies to charge customers for upgrades before the work is actually done. governor martin o'malley has not indicated whether he will sign the bill. positive news at this hour involving the housing market. there are new signs that things are improving. cnbc's shartia brantley is live with that story and more for your money. good morning. >> good morning, aaron. more people are paying their mortgages on time. credit reporting firm transunion
5:56 am
says the rate of late payments has dropped to a four-year low. the rate has been trending down since it peaked had late 2009, helped by the rebound in home sales and rising home prices that makes it easier for homeowners to refinance mortgages or sell their homes if they lose their jobs or have other reasons were they can't make their monthly payments. and the home of the whopper also wants to be known as the home of the latte. burger king is announcing plans today to expand its premium coffee menu to ten drinks in a partnership with seattle's best, which is owned by starbucks. it will roll out a new brewed coffee blend, decaf and hot chocolate this week as well as four iced coffees. next month b.k. will launch four latte drinks. the move is similar to what mcdonald's did years ago with the mccafe lineup. the number of specialty coffee servings jumped 6% in the u.s. in 2012. >> shartia brantley at cnbc,
5:57 am
thank you. ♪ ♪ >> excuse me. sorry. beyonce fans, you still have a chance to see the mrs. carter's show in the district or we can just watch this video for the rest of the morning. i wouldn't mind. pop diva added a second concert july 30th. tickets go on sale on friday. her first show sold out in just a couple of minutes. you see why. a lot of people want to see this. uh-oh. valentine's day -- >> it is distracting. i understand. valentine's day is this week. do you know what you're getting your sweetheart? >> it may be a little easier than you think. a survey by stub hub says nearly half of americans would be happy to get ticket to a live show. 40% of men want ticket to a sporting event. 62% of women and 53% of men wouldn't mind a gift card. 5:57 is our time right now. new information released by
5:58 am
police about a murder-suicide in college park overnight. >> police just informed us all of those involved are students. the circumstances they say led up to the violence in a live report in 90 seconds. stay with us. stay with us. "news4 today" continues.
5:59 am
it's my coffee when i want it. you press a button, you have great dunkin' coffee. i got my coffee for the morning, i got my dunkin' k-cup packs for the rest of the day. only available at dunkin' donuts restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee. all right. just a few minutes ago, police releasing new information about a murder-suicide in

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